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Meg is managed as a writer by London-based SMA Talent.



how the other half lives

Feature-length screenplay

In 1960s Germany, the teenage daughter of a Stasi informer falls in love with a boy from the West, but their romance is interrupted by the arrival of the Berlin Wall.

Top 10% of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences's annual Nicholl Fellowship competition for 2021. 


IMAGE CREDIT: John Waterman—Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Meg was an attendee at #AFF28 in October, 2021.

The Rose Garden

Feature screenplay

A teenager journeys west with his friends to turn his recently deceased father’s screenplay into a film; along the way, they discover the script has mysteries of its own.

postcards, fifty cents

Full-length stage play


A sixty-seven-page play in two acts, Postcards delivers ten small slices of America, bookended by prologue and epilogue. Set in the fall of 2013, the audience journeys everywhere from the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo to dancing on Pulaski Street, from a green station wagon driving Route 66 to eating strawberries and watching Niagara Falls.


At first glance, each vignette appears to stand alone. However, Red Sox caps and talk of Rio and one certain Alcatraz escapee by the name of Frank Morris slowly link together the scene to reveal storylines woven into one another, connecting The Chicago Art Institute (Ferris Bueller-style) to the Painted Desert of Arizona to longing for the cable cars of San Francisco.


The characters range from seventeen-year-old Josie, who tells everyone she was named after Tropical Storm Josephine of 1996, to Leonard, a merry eighty-four year old who runs The Luck Museum in honor of his wife who was struck by lightning riding horses on the beach at Chincoteague. The play begins with pizzicato cello and one yellow raincoat and ends with a Key West sunset and held breath.

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